Why I support Brands that support The Pink Drive

I’m sure many of you wonder why I always #FF two particular brands, which would be Sir Juice and Kelslim, well beside for them both being amazing products the other reason is they support the Pink Drive and Cancer Awareness is really a cause I hold dear to my heart.

Just over two years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she began the long journey which consisted of an operation to remove the lump, the operation area bursting open, chemotherapy which caused her too lose all her hair and followed by radiation. I must say throughout her journey I was the proudest daughter with all the side effects of chemo my mom stayed strong. I think there is two moments in her journey that will forever be stuck in my mind,the day she came home and sat me,David and my sister on my bed and told us she had cancer. I never cried that much in my life but yet she never shed one tear, she told us that God had chosen her and that she was special,cause he chose her to fight one of the greatest battles there is.The second moment would be the day she asked me to cut her hair shorter as they advise it takes some of the trauma away of loosing all your hair and as I was cutting it and pieces of hair was left in my hands and we both started crying. That was the first and only time I saw my mom cry through it all. I am proud to say however that my mom fought and won the battle and is just over a year in remission.

My moms journey was a real eye opener, seeing the little kids at GSH suffering and yet they have the biggest smiles…My mom has shown me what true inner strength is and that no matter what life throws at you, you need to stand up and fight back.

As my mom always say “No matter how big your problem is or how bad you think your situation is just remember somewhere there is someone going through worse, so be greatful for what you do have”.


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