Who we are @CandiTerblanche @TerblancheDavid #CapeBlogPost

Who we are @CandiTerblanche @TerblancheDavid #CapeBlogPost

We are a husband and wife duo Candice and David Terblanche


We started the blog as its always been a dream but we always just said no not now…David has always wanted to do movie,gadgets and sports reviews and me well I have a love for baking ,music and outdoors…3 years ago I got sick and had to give up my office job because of it. It took doctors 2 years to give me a diagnoses and the diagnoses was that I have Arthritis throughout my whole body. At the age of 27 that is a lot to deal with but I am blessed with an amazing and supportive husband. The blog was started as a way to express myself and to keep me busy.

I would like to thank each and everyone that takes time out to even read one of our posts its much appreciated.


4 Comments to “Who we are @CandiTerblanche @TerblancheDavid #CapeBlogPost”

  1. Cindy says:

    Welcome to blogging Candice! Good to meet you. I’m sorry to hear about your illness and I hope that blogging helps to keep you going and ease any pain/frustration that you may be feeling.

    1. Thanks looking forward to meeting you at the #CTMeetUp

  2. Just landed on your blog. followed and now I will be visiting regularly

    1. Thanks so much will definitely do the same

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