What’s the dealio

What’s the dealio

This post is way over due, I’ve attempted so many versions of this post in the past few weeks but none of them seemed just right. So I figured I’ll ditch the “what’s the right way to do this” and speak from the heart.

I will begin by apologising for the silence I’ve been fighting bronchitis for just over 2 weeks and only now starting to feel somewhat human. I haven’t done a personal post in a while mainly because before I can write about it, I need to find a way to accept things. For those of you who follow our blog since the start you will know I’ve never kept my fight with arthritis a secret, nor have I kept the daily fight I have accepting “my new life” I am pleased to let you all know I’ve just finished a month on my new anti inflammatory drug which is giving me a slight resemblance to a normal life. I’ll admit I was very two minded about redeeming the prescription as a month supply costs us R600. No I’m not putting a price on my health but for a couple with one income R600 a month for anti inflammatory medication that’s a lot of money and makes a huge hole into the budget. With my luck my medication and my antibiotics for bronchitis had major side affects when taking the two together, so it’s left me pretty AWOL this past few weeks. I’ve also got some pretty big hospital appointments coming up with more tests and more scans, so that’s what’s been happening with regards to my health.

On top of all that #D is busy with interviews to transfer to an alternative branch which is stressful and keeps him busy. 

The main reason why we have been quiet though is the way things are at the moment in the blogging world.A fellow blogger Pieces in Pink has pretty much summed up how we feel and you can view it here. We aren’t that long in the game but lately there has been so much “rules” with regards to how things are done and what must be done. That while we love our little baby, we have been second guessing everything we have written in the past two weeks, Our drafts are full of “not good enough” material. It took us a while to get to the place we are right now, the place that gave me the strength and determination to write this post. We are going to keep writing and running our baby the way we have been doing the past year and a half and while many of our practices might not be the most professional or “the right way” to do things, to us a blog is your little personal space to express yourself so that’s is exactly what we intend doing.

We have discovered it’s so easy to lose yourself when you get into blogging and it’s so easy to forget why you started.Stay true to yourself even if it’s not the “norm” .Why fit in when you can stand out.

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3 Comments to “What’s the dealio”

  1. Cindy says:

    Yes to this! Keep doing you.

  2. stephanie says:

    hoping u getting better asap, and love the blog the way its is 🙂

    1. Invisable CT says:

      Thanks Stephanie for your endless support its much appreciated 🙂

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