What blogging has done for me @Blogging_Addict @BlogstofollowSA #capeblogpost @Blogger_Lounge @Elize_Skriker

It’s amazing how something can change your life in a short time and in a drastic way. In this 5 months blogging has do the following:

It’s taught me how to say things I would normally keep inside,
It’s allowed me too see things and do things I wouldn’t normally
It’s made me more girly (lol)
It’s made me accept my health issues and deal with them
And most Importantly it’s brought some incredible people into my life

Our blog may not be the greatest one out there or have the biggest following but it’s growing and in the process it’s taught us both so much and for that I will always be grateful.

The winner of our Second competition Elize Skriker has become more than just a follower or reader she has become a friend and although we haven’t met in person I found her to be one of the most genuine people I know with a story that can touch many people. We decided to get to know more of our loyal readers and followers and we asked Elize to do a post on her life and raising two daughters in this crazy world.Her amazing story of life in Dubai and moving back to Cape Town will be posted tomorrow be sure to check it out.

Thanks for all the support this far and we look forward to getting to know more about the people who support us.


One Comment to “What blogging has done for me @Blogging_Addict @BlogstofollowSA #capeblogpost @Blogger_Lounge @Elize_Skriker”

  1. Elize Skriker says:

    Invisible , thank you for giving me the opportunity for writing for you. Its been absolutely amazing. I really hope your readers enjoy my story. Much love and I hope that you blog will continue to grow. God bless

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