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Right now there are three apps that I can’t go without on a daily basis.

First of these would be Pages ( Word Processor). With Pages, I can edit, create, save and send documents without having to be tied down to a pc or laptop. Pages can read .doc or .docx.

Few features of Pages:

Word processing:
View character count with or without spaces
Create charts with date, time, and duration values

Microsoft Word compatibility:
Export password-protected documents to DOCX format

Share documents instantly via email, facebook, twitter, even AirDrop.
iCloud Drive compatibility

Second of these apps are Numbers (Excel). This app is great for doing spreadsheets on the go, or even a quick edit. Numbers reads xls and xlsx files as well.

Few features of a Numbers:

Microsoft Excel compatibility:
Export password-protected spreadsheets to XLSX format

Usability and performance:
Edit spreadsheets in landscape orientation on iPhone and iPod touch
Search spreadsheets by name
Progress indicator for calculations

Create charts with ease.
iCloud Drive compatibility

The third and last of the three apps but certainly not the least is Keynote (PowerPoint). Create, edit, save, send, share presentations with ease. Keynote can read and send .ppt and .pptx presentations. My favourite of the three, as I do many presentations to clients and it’s great to show them without having to carry a laptop, or paper.

Few features of Keynote:

Microsoft PowerPoint compatibility:
Export to PPTX format

Design tools:
New build animations including Blinds, Fly In, Fly Out, Orbital, Pivot, Scale Big, Swoosh, Droplet, Grid, Drift, Scale, and Skid
New transitions including Blinds, Color Planes, Confetti, Fall, Perspective, Pivot, Swoosh, and Object Revolve

Usability and performance:
Highlighter – Use your finger to illustrate slides as you present
Keynote Remote functionality integrated directly into Keynote app

iCloud Drive compatibility

All these apps I use on a daily basis and are so easy to use.Soon you will be typing documents or spreadsheets and doing flawless presentations without a need for a laptop or desktop pc.

Apps are only available on Apple Devices.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, features taken from Apple website, and from personal experience with apps.


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