The Talented @DJ_MiloSA #capeblogpost


Had a little Q&A with the talented DJ Milo and this is what went down.

Stage name:DJ Milo


Where you from: Milnerton Cape Town

At what age did you start to DJ: Age 15

Preferred types of music: I play House Music, anything from Deep Soulful House to blood pumping,feet stomping Electro House

Where can we see you play on a regular basis: I don’t have a residency, sp I am all over as I work through promoters. So far I have played at top club around Cape Town, such as The Side Show, Mercury, The Loop and more.

Self taught or studied: I am a self taught DJ and is still learning, but I have always taken advice from many other DJ’s as you can learn so much amongst one another

Any upcoming gigs: Gigs confirmed for the month of June so far. Friday the 13th, Ill be at Iconic Lounge in Long Street and the 20th I will be at a huge party at Vodacom Golf Village in Wynberg called Poke Her LIver.

And what thousands of single girls want to know is there a Mrs Milo: LOL Mrs Milo is non existent 🙂

Keep an eye on this young man he sure is going places and ladies he is single lol…

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