The Famous Butchers Grill @ButchersGrillCT #capeblogpost

The Famous Butchers Grill @ButchersGrillCT #capeblogpost


After having a disappointing experience at The Famous Butchers Grill in Newlands 8years ago, we venture to the one in town tonight cause alot can change in 8years right? Well that’s what we thought too but oh boy were we wrong.

We started our dinner off with a calamari starter and spring roll starter, this came out fast which we thought set the tone for an incredible dining experience.The calamari definitely was the highlight of our whole meal a generous portion of succulent tasty calamari strips with tartar sauce on the side.The spring rolls however was the furthest thing from crispy. Then came the mains rump steak with chips and oh boy did that look good. The steak melts in your mouth perfectly cooked but absolutely bland what a let down.We asked for the bill and waited almost 10minutes for the bill to come and once it did our waitress once again disappeared and we again waited for the bill to be fetched. I am not a very patient person and told David let’s get up and go pay in front where we once again waited almost 5 minutes for our waitress to bring us change.

Overall not a very good dining experience.


Disclaimer: This is our opinion based on first hand experience

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