The Cake Duchess SA

The Cake Duchess SA

Our next amazingly talented cake decorator that we feature is the lovely Sumaiya Omar from The Cake Duchess SA

The Cake Duchess SA

Sumaiya Omar of The Cake Dutchess SA

When did you start cake decorating?
I started professionally two and a half years ago, but have been decorating cakes since childhood. I think it is part of who I am..and has always been there. My maternal Grand Aunt was an amazing Baker, so I would hope to think that I have inherited that from her!

If you studied where did you study?
I have studied various subjects such as Hospitality Management, Fine Art and Visual Communication in Dubai (The United Arab Emirates)  as well as Marketing in The United States of America. I believe a large chunk of my decorating skills are self taught.

Was it something you always wanted to do?
During my stay in Brazil in 2010, I realised that Baking and Cake Decorating was and is something that I wanted to pursue.  Given my background (studies) as well as always being drawn to art and creativity, it came very naturally.

Biggest challenge as a cake decorator?
The current stance in Cape Town, and I am certain throughout South Africa and worldwide, the baking bubble has burst. Nevertheless, I believe if we keep true to our individual strengths under the cake decorating umbrella, everything works out. Every client has a different need and will therefore approach a particular Cake Artist whom he/she feels most comfortable with.

Any advice for people looking to start doing cake decorating ?
It is hard work. There are long hours involved, so one has to be completely dedicated. In order to be successful, I believe that you have to be passionate about it. Hone in on your artistic strength and follow through!

To see more of The Cake Duchess SA work or to place a order, find her on

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  1. Sumaiya says:

    Thank you so much!
    Kind Regards,
    The Cake Duchess SA

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