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If you looking for a secluded ,romantic venue with stunning views then the Camissa Brasserie in The Table Bay Hotel is the ideal venue for you.

I went on a Saturday night and there was a talented young performer playing the guitar and serenading diners with sweet sounds. I give their food and venue a 9/10. Their prime rib steak is served with the most tastiest mushrooms and some delicious pepper sauce with chips, the rainbow cheese cake looked like a pretty picture. Once you got your first bite of the cheese cake with the berry compote you couldn’t stop eating till your plate was clean.

Now we get to the thing I have the biggest problem with these days service. I won’t fault the whole establishment cause in all honest honesty the two male waiters who served tables around us were so attentive to the diners. We however received the waitress that appears in your nightmares. Our complementary bread plates were left on the table till we left, we could barely hear what she was saying to us and the cherry on the top when we ordered dessert which was a fairly simple order, 2rainbow cheesecakes which when I asked if it was fridge or baked I was told “it’s the one that go in the fridge and it’s a lot of colors” and my husband order a trio of chocolate which happens to be the only chocolate item on the dessert menu. Our waitress comes to us with 3 cups on a tray and asks who the hot chocolate is for we look at her completely bewildered and then respond nobody ordered hot chocolate. She proceeds further into the restaurant as to make as though someone else ordered the hot chocolate except we were her only table and the restaurant only had 4 tables that was occupied that evening.She comes back to us to retake our order and we give it to her again and she turns around with a sigh of relief in her voice and says “Oh you want 2 -3 chocolates ” .

The meal and atmosphere however is remembered long after the bad service is forgotten so all you lovebirds head on over on those cold winters nights for a romantic evening.

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