Sleek Geek Challenge week 1

Both of us were fortunate enough to win a entry into the Sleek Geek Summer challenge which meant a new chapter in this crazy life of ours. We started last Monday and the hardest part by far was the before photos, sending them out in the universe to be seen. Our original game plan for the challenge was to go the “Banting” way which sent me on a downward spiral heading very fast to a Hospital ER. After 3 days of Banting, my resting pulse shot up to 140 beats per minute and send my blood pressure spiraling out of control. Before anyone jumps into defense mode what I am saying is that although Banting works for many people it wasn’t the choice for me as it was doing more damage than good to my already weary body. David on the other hand had no side effects but being the amazing and supportive husband he is went off it to support me 100% while we take on this 8 weeks side by side head on.

While trying to lower my dangerously high heart rate I lost 2 very valuable days of downtime but I would like to think it hasn’t set me back much. So now we are taking this challenge on our way. Following a diet of low carb and low sugar (not none just very low) and no processed food, as for working out everyone is in it to support us my mom and dad does a daily walk with us, we train on the WiiFit which involves loads of stepping and yoga and we use the exercise bicycle. I am so proud of us both in this week we have come a long way especially with regards to working out, it’s become a fun pass time which we do together and we feed off each other’s positive energy. I look forward to the 7 weeks remaining as this has proven to me that I do have the will power to make the change and it’s never too late to start.

I would encourage anyone and everyone to invest in yourself and join the Sleek Geek challenge. On Sunday I had a off day I didn’t see the point in trying and at that very moment while watching hubby work out a email from Sleek Geek popped it our inbox and it said everything I need to hear and so much more and it motivated me to get to a good place.

Disclaimer: Based on personal experiences

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