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The first must have app on our list is Sign Now.In the industry I am in I’m required to sign documents that has been emailed to me all the time and this app allows me to do so as well as complete documents and application forms.It’s very easy to use and will fast become your most relied upon app.

Sign Now reads PDFs and Word documents and can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store on your android or apple device or tablet.There are two versions -Sign Now (Free) and Sign Now Professional (Paid app).

Features of the App:
A few of the Features:
Custom Logo Branding
Document Overview for Signers
Handwritten Signature Default
iPad Tablet Signing
iPhone Mobile Signing
Optional Attachments Uploaded by Signers
Percentage Progress Meter
Realtime Instruction Bar
Tooltips on Text Fields
Allows you to sign documents without having to print it.

Sign Now is perfect for the on the go business person,it has truly made my life easier and it can make yours just as easy too it’s just a click away.

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