Service in Retail industry in Cape Town

I was walking in Pick n Pay Hyper in Ottery this morning at 9am with my husband finding some baking goodies to finish off my Wii Remote cake and I found myself standing still in shock listening to the way the cashier at the customer care till was speaking to customers.Yes it’s not easy working in retail long hours and most of the time for a low salary but speaking to customer who is old enough to be your mother in that way is just not on.

They are currently running a washing powder special at the store which for interest sake isn’t even specified one per customer, but customers are required to get one bottle of liquid detergent from the customer care till.I’m standing in the express till which happens to be right by the customer care and a lady walks up asking for the detergent and the cashier looks at her and says “ya but you were now here” and the lady says yes I gave that special to my mother and the cashier replies”now show me your mother”. To make things worse the customer hasn’t even left the till yet and she sees them giving a staff member multiple deals and when she says something the staff gets rude.

Yes it’s understandable they have orders to follow but do so in a nice manner. As it doesn’t give the cashier a bad name it’s gives the store as well as the brand a bad name.

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