Seeing the good in a bad situation #capeblogpost

I started the blog as a way to help me heal myself emotionally and lift my spirits while trying to cope with being a 27 year old living with arthritis. It really helped me get excited about life and then boom life gets in the way once again.

After 10 days of unbearable pain,being unable to sit and truckloads of prescribed narcotics my doctor sent me to have some xrays. Although the xrays had to be sent away for further reporting by a specialist what my doctor could tell me was that my coccyx bone was broken. Who knew you could break your Butt lol ( have to look at it from the funny side as well). Which means months of unbearable pain as my body tries to heal itself. Last night after spending most of the day at hospital and doctors I found myself feeling down and out. Asking why me why this on top of everything else and then finally broke down and after yet another sleepless night I find myself being much more positive today. I count myself as being lucky cause if the bone broke any higher I could have been paralised.

As much as this injury sucks I find myself being more hopeful cause as bad as things may seem it could have turned out worse and for that I am grateful.


2 Comments to “Seeing the good in a bad situation #capeblogpost”

  1. Cindy says:

    Oh Candice, how are you doing now?

    1. In heaps of pain but surviving thanks Cindy just taking it one day at a time 🙂

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