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From Left : Clint Swartland ,Ebrahiem Floris ,Isgack Adams and Ziyaad Dunshire
From Left : Clint Swartland ,Ebrahiem Floris ,Isgack Adams and Ziyaad Dunshire

Our first feature in this segment was a hard choice, spending most of my teenage years at variety shows and befriending many of the “local artists” on scene at that time, left me with many choices…I decided to go with with the very talented Quartet vocal group Protégé.

In 1998 three Cathkin High school friends, who sang together intervals decided to take their talent to the “big stage”, they then decided to approach another friend to sing Bass/Baritone and thats how Protégé came about, consisting of Ekraam Cupido, Wafeeq Saffodien, Ebrahiem Floris and Devon Roman.Although members have come and gone throughout the years the group has remained one of the biggest attractions on the Cape Town circuit.They have won competitions such as The Westgate mall voice search 1999, Welgemoed school of arts 2000 and Battle of the bands to name a few.Over the years they have shared the stage with artists such as The Boys, Karen Kortje, Gift Gwe, Zayn Adams, Luqmaan Adams, The rockets and more.They have travelled all over Southern Africa and have also had the privilege to travel to Malaysia to perform for the King.

Past Members:
Some of the past members have gone on to Solo careers such as Wafeeq Saffodien currently residing in England became a Top 5 Idols contestant, Devon Roman entered Coca Cola Pop stars and Ekraam Cupido won the Westgate Mall Voice Search 2009 and is currently a solo artist. Through this time Safwaan Goolam, Niyaaz Goolam and Jarred Rickets joined and left the group. Niyaaz and Jarred have both released their Solo singles.
Current Group:
The current group consists of Ebrahiem Floris (original member) Isgack Adams, Clint Swartland and Ziyaad Dunshire they have gone on to win Steenberg has talent as well as Grassy park night market talent competition last year. Protégé is currently working with a record label on their long awaited Debut album and hope to continue to inspire the youth.

To book these amazingly talented guys for events contact:
Allie Floris :0824738357
Anwa Abrahams :0844844148

Disclaimer: Facts have been supplied by one of the group members

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