Product of the week- Red Bicycle Flavoured Instant Powdered Drink #capeblogpost @CheckersSA

Product of the week- Red Bicycle Flavoured Instant Powdered Drink #capeblogpost @CheckersSA


I’m always looking for new ways to boost my calcium and dairy intake because buying yoghurt is just a waste in my household as it always sits at the back of the fridge until it gets thrown out. The answer to my problems comes in the form of flavoured milk powders…I used to believe in one particular brand until their prices sky rocketed and you needed to add so much of it before you could actually taste it. After discovering Checkers range of products, especially made for them, I opted to try the strawberry flavoured and I was very impressed. I didn’t have the artificial taste that some other brands have and you can actually use the amount of powder as directed two spoons powder per 200ml milk. It comes in three flavours -strawberry, banana and chocolate of which I have two of them in my kitchen cupboard at the moment (I’m not a fan of chocolate flavoured milk so haven’t tried that one yet). This is definitely one for the whole family my nephews love it and even my mom and dad and at the affordable price of under R20 for a 400g.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and is based on person experience

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