Product of the week- Mueller Kinesiology Tape @Blogging_Addict @MuellerSportMed #CapeBlogPost

Product of the week- Mueller Kinesiology Tape @Blogging_Addict @MuellerSportMed #CapeBlogPost


My product of the week is one of a different nature this week but it has been a life saver for me.I first became aware of this product 3years ago when my physiotherapist who was a qualified sports therapist used this on my back to relieve some of the pain. Last week after being desperate to get some relief of my broken coccyx I headed off to Sportsman Wharehouse to get some of this tape and applied it as my physiotherapist had taught me to do and immediately I could feel the difference. It comes in three awesome colours, neon pink, neon blue and black.

So what exactly is it you ask ?

It is a tape designed to increase the natural blood flow around your muscle and joints for increased healing.

There are certain ways in which the tape needs to be applied so check out their website for more info. One tip however when using the tape always round the edges as it lifts easy when not rounded.

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