Product of the week -Knorr Cook-in-bag range @whats4dinnerSA #capeblogpost

Product of the week -Knorr Cook-in-bag range @whats4dinnerSA #capeblogpost


Since the start of my Kelslim journey I have been looking for healthier ways to cook and then I came across the Knorr cook-in-bag range and started using it for almost everything from fish to chicken to roasts and I am amazed by it after every use.They come in different flavours to suit all your needs.It’s as simple as putting your choice of meat in the bag provided adding the spice and then into oven and it cooks in its own juices, no need to turn and no added oil making it so much more flavour full as well as healthy and convenient. At only R12.99 at your local Checkers supermarket it’s well worth a try.

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