Product of the week-Earthsap Air Freshner #capeblogpost @GreenGoodsZA @ecopackZA

Product of the week-Earthsap Air Freshner #capeblogpost @GreenGoodsZA @ecopackZA


The first week of April David won a Green Goods voucher from Ecopack, not being very into the whole “going green” as most “green” goods are unreasonably priced.We decided to give it a go and get some cleaning products.The one product that caught my eye immediately was Earthsap air freshner-Madagascar vanilla bean, being a baker and absolutely adoring the smell of vanilla this product was first on my list.

It is biodegradable with no petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances as well as no artificial dyes/preservatives.One spray is all you need to have your home smelling like fresh vanilla for a few hours.After approximately 3months of daily use the 150ml bottle is only halfway. This product has definitely changed my mind on going green, it is not just value for money but also environmentally friendly as it is not a aerosol spray…Do your bit for our environment and check out Green Goods and see what other chemical free cleaning products they have as this is just one of the many available.


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