Prisoner to my own body @ArthritisFdnSA #capeblogpost

After the most incredible weekend of exploring Cape Town I am left once again feeling like a prisoner in my own body. Where doing simple tasks is a mission, a simple task such as sitting which people do every single day without thinking about it, is the one thing I wish I could do right now.I realise now just how fast my arthritis is progressing and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Today I found myself at my life long GP (most incredible doctor ever) as I am unable to sit due to extreme pain in my coccyx(tail bone) and as I expected it was my arthritis causing havoc once again.Once again I find myself on a truckload of muscle relaxers, tramadol (a form of morphine),strong pain meds and antiflamatories not that it’s much different from every day of my life at this point just an increased dosage…

I honestly wish that there was more awareness for Arthritis in South Africa. To help people find ways to live with it, at the age on 27 and going through all this I find strength in the words my mom would always say “there are kids living and dealing with much worse”. I guess having seen the kids at Groote Schuur cancer ward and seeing how they go through chemo with a smile on their face gives me some sort of courage to fight through the next obstacle .


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