Our Cape Wheel Adventure

Our Cape Wheel Adventure

Cape Wheel Cape Town

My fear of heights has kept me from doing so many things and in last year David took my mom on The Cape Wheel (Dad dont do heights either lol) and this year I vowed I will not let fears keep me from things.

Mom had such an amazing time on The Cape Wheel and raved about it that I just absolutely had to try it out for myself. Tuesday evening myself, hubby, our cousin who relocated from Port Elizabeth and her husband ventured off to tick The Cape Wheel off our bucket lists.Tickets are priced at R100 for an adult and R50 for kids between 4 and 15 but thanks to The Entertainer App we got 2 tickets for R100 .

The Cape Wheel is just one of the many places that you can tick off your bucket list using The Entertainer App.

Cape Wheel Cape Town

I will admit I was beyond nervous but the fact the gondola is completely enclosed made things easier as you don’t feel the wind. My eyes was closed until we reached the top of the first rotation but when we reached the highest point and I opened my eyes and saw the beauty around me I forgot all about how high I really was . The breathtaking views of the city lights and also the ships lights on the big black ocean is truly a sight that made me realize how lucky I am to get to call this beautiful city home.

Cape Wheel V&A Waterfront

Each ride lasts about 15-20 minutes which is about 4-5 rotations. Each Gondola is fully enclosed and fully air conditioned. The main reason I felt safe enough to attempt to conquer my fear of height on The Cape Wheel is because each gondola has a panic button in it so if anything goes wrong all you need to do is press the button and they will get you down. Each gondola also has a tv inside it so if you are scared of height it actually helps take your mind off things.

I won’t say my fear of heights has been overcome but I do know I need to go back to The Cape Wheel to experience it during the day.


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