Our Anniversary Adventure

Our Anniversary Adventure

On the 3rd of January 2015 we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and we decided to have an adventure weekend. David`s cousin who recently relocated from PE and who happened to have been my bridesmaid along with her husband joined us on our adventure.We started off at Gordon`s Bay beach (only fitting seen as we got married on a beach ) where our morning started off with breakfast and a swim. Much like on our wedding day we were blessed with some showers of blessing and we packed up and headed off too the Strawberry Farm.

Mooiberge Strawberry Picking

My want/need to go strawberry picking goes back as far as 22 years when I was 5. There was a family trip to the strawberry farm and I fell sick and ended up having a tonsillectomy instead. Why its taken me this long to do it I have no clue. We went to Mooiberge which is situated on the R44 in Stellenbosch. What I like about Mooiberge is that unlike other strawberry farms where you pay per person you only pay per kg, it was R35 per kg at the time we were there. It didn’t take us long to fill up 3kgs of deliciously sweet, ripe and juicy strawberries (fresher than that you cant get).

Mooiberge Farm Stall

We then headed over to their farm stall which has the most colourful array of artwork in front of it and one especially caught my eye being a Stormers Supporter for Life.The farm stall has a wide variety of wines for all you wine lovers out there and a even wider variety of dried fruits and nuts. Fresh Produce, preserves and jams which are made from their produce.

 We ended off our Saturday with a quick swim at the inlaws and came home to a surprise supper with my parents.Our adventure didn’t stop there though on Sunday after we took some time to recover we ventured off to Intaka Island.

Intaka Island

We got the Intaka boat which runs from Canal Walk food court to Intaka Island and then around the lake. You can however park at Intaka Island and get the boat there if you prefer. Ticket price was R40 which included the boat as well entry to Intaka Island wetlands however due to time we weren’t able to fit in the wetlands walk but we will be back soon to do that. The Cruise goes all around century city where the very well informed guide tells you all about the houses, companies, birds and everything else you see along the way. The guide was friendly and made a learning experience fun and was always ready to answer questions or even take a photo.


We then ended our Adventure weekend with supper at home before dropping our cousins off at home. We love the outdoors almost as much as we love each other and our anniversary adventure truly was the perfect way to celebrate.


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