My SENSAI experiment @Blogging_Addict #Capeblogpost @BlogstoFollowSA

My SENSAI experiment @Blogging_Addict #Capeblogpost @BlogstoFollowSA

When your daily skin care routine consists of normal face cream, soap and water , going into Edgars to collect a trial pack of SENSAI products can be a scary experience. The lady at the SENSAI counter at Edgars V&A Waterfront was so helpful and explained every step to me in detail, although if I have to admit it was rather overwhelming at the time. I looked at the pretty little gift bag for a long time before I had the courage to experiment.Finally one evening I decided to take the plunge and in just a few easy steps and under 10 minutes my skin was left feeling softer, more hydrated and just feeling healthier.

Step1-4 is all about cleansing
Step 1: Gentle Make-up remover for eye and lip (only used when applicable)
Step 2: Cleansing Balm
Step 3: Silk Powder
Step 4: Mud Soap -this product has two uses one being a cleanser and the second being a mud mask which is left on for 5minutes to remove excess sebum.

Step 5-6 is about moisturizing
Step 5:Lotion ll – first step in moisturising
Step 6:Emulsion ll -second step of moisturising

(Me with my mud mask)

I have used this products for 3 days a week for the past 2weeks and I really can see the difference it makes. I have even convinced David to start using the moisturisers to help combat his dry winter skin, so this product isn’t just aim at females.One thing I can say for sure is the SENSAI definitely will be on my shopping list in the future.

Disclaimer: Post is based on personal results and as with most products result may differ from person to person.

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