My Birthday Wish/Lust List

My Birthday Wish/Lust List

April is a month full of celebrations here over at #TeamInvisable HQ. Our blog turns ONE, WOW when we started this journey never did I imagine a year later we will be still going strong nor that it will become a massive part of our lives 🙂 Besides out blog’s birthday my parents celebrate their 38th Wedding Anniversary and I celebrate my 28th Birthday ( all a day apart )

So too celebrate my birthday in true blogger style I created a Birthday wishlist but mine is more like a Birthday Lust list

  • Beanies CoffeeI’m sure by now most of you would have heard that Beanies is coming to SA and will be available in Checkers stores soon. So what makes it so special to be on my lust list it’s flavoured coffee and it only has 2 calouries per cup and no sugar
  • Lenova Yoga 10I’ve wanted this since it was launched, it has a Longer lasting battery life than any other tablet and easy grip make it the perfect companion for me.
  • GoPro Hero 4It the perfect piece of equipment for our up and coming roadtrips and i’ve just fallen head over heels for it
  • Hey Gorgeous ProductsI’ve been falling more and more in love with their all natural products the more I buy the more I want to try.
  • Essence CosmeticsCan you blame me? The Essence display is always the first place I got to when I walk into a Dischem or Clicks. Its affordable, amazing quality and they have a wide range. I want one of those fully stocked display’s from the stores in my room lol 
  • Mr Price BootThis Awesome boot found on the Mr Price Online shop I can only wear flat shoes and this will be perfect for our upcoming trip to Hermanus to go exploring in.


  • Kitchen Aid Mixer *Swoon* This little baby has been on my wishlist pretty much since I was in high school although the colour has changed from Pink to Charcoal 
  • Fujifilm XT1I love photography and this camera is just perfect for me 
  • Easy Icing Airbrush KitThe baker in me just had to come out for this one it is thee most perfect little gadget ever 

So that’s it for my birthday lust list, a girl’s allowed to dream right especially on her birthday 


4 Comments to “My Birthday Wish/Lust List”

  1. Lizna says:

    Love everything you’ve chosen for your lust list! But ah that mixer tops it all 🙂 xx It’s been a crazy month of celebration over here as well

    1. Invisable CT says:

      I know right that mixer will always be on my “One day when i’m big list” lol

  2. Beatrice says:

    Oh yes! I agree with the Go Pro and the Kitchen Aid Mixer. It’s my lust list too. Happy birthday dearest Invisable team!!!! Here’s to many more joyful blogging years.

    1. Invisable CT says:

      Thank You so much Beatrice

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