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I would like to start this post by saying Thank You to everyone who takes the time to read our blog and to those who interacts with us on Twitter.It’s been just over 5 months now and our blog has really grown and although it’s still a new, exciting and scary roller-coaster ride it has become something we really are proud of, Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Soooooooo… believe it or not after almost 10 years of being together and almost 6 years of being married David and I embarked on our very first road trip on Tuesday which was also our first getaway alone.As I have mentioned before we got married in January 2009 at the age of 21 and David just started his permanent job at a Financial institute in December 2008 which meant he had no leave available, which meant no honeymoon but in all honesty our whole marriage so far has been a 5 year and 8 months long honeymoon.We will be doing a few posts all about our road trip and our amazing stay at Aquila Private Game reserve so keep your eye on the blog for that.

We have planned a range of new posts which should start hitting the blog from next week and to understand where they coming from you need to know abit more about us.

As I have mentioned before I used to be an accounts assistant working on a computerised system called Pastel until I got sick.David works for a financial institute specifically with devices ranging from iPads to Laptops to Phones which requires him to be updated with the latest in the tech world and rely on many apps to make his job easier.

In the next few weeks we will let our readers get to know us abit better and hopefully we will have the chance to get to know our readers abit better too.

Have an awesome Sunday evening guys

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