#MissionSamsung -Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

#MissionSamsung -Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

But wait we don’t need these things anymore, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has all of this wrapped up in one. With its sleek design, superb resolution, amazing camera and the enhanced S-Pen it really is a device to take Note of.

We were chosen to partake in the penultimate #MissionSamsung challenge and we got to review the amazing Note 4.We took it on various adventures in and around Cape Town and really put it through its paces. Here’s why we fell in love with the Note 4 


For us the camera is the most important part of a phone/tablet/phablet because of our joint love for photography we see everything as a photo opportunity. The Note 4 has amazing picture quality with a 3.7MP front F1.9 lens and a 16MP Smart OIS (shake free) rear camera, which meant that even though Candice was shaking like a leaf high on top of a mountain she was still able to take a clear blur free photo. Selfies are made easy with the wide selfie feature which allows you to take a 120º selfie as well as the rear cam selfie which works with face detection.The camera can be controlled with voice activation, how cool is that but that’s not even the best part.The Note 4 allows you to take a 360º panorama photo.

Note 4 360° Photo

120° Wide Selfie

Sunset Picture taken with the Note4

Front Camera Selfie



The video quality speaks for itself 



The slim design and the leather back finishing makes the Note 4 stand out from the rest.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Fast Charging

The fast charge feature is one of my favourite features on this phablet. Being a blogger battery life is very important and waiting is not always an option. The Note 4 charges from 0 to 50 percent in around 30 mins. Which makes life as a blogger easier knowing your companion will never let you down. It also has a feature called Ultra Power Saving mode, which will allow for basic functions just to get you through till you can give it a full charge.

Advanced S-Pen and Photo Note

With the advanced S-Pen playing games is a breeze with it’s precision. The S-Pen brings up an air command as soon as you remove it or when you press the button on the S-Pen. Making notes with the S-Pen is a breeze as it pick up even the worst handwriting (we tested it on David’s). Photo Note is a cool feature where you can take a picture of notes and then continue writing on the Note 4 using the S-Pen. It also has a screen write feature whereby you can take a picture of whatever is currently on your screen and write on it with the S-Pen. Our favourite feature on the S-Pen is the smart select whereby you can select anything on you screen for example- part of a picture or certain words out of a text and share only the selection.




The Multitasking feature is an amazing touch especially for people who always has a million things to do at the same time. You can have up to 5 screens open at the same time without slowing it down in anyway.

Note 4-Multitasking


We fell head over heels in love with this phablet and the hardest part of #MissionSamsung is going to be saying goodbye to the Note 4 who has dug itself deep into our heart already .

Click here for a full list of specifications 



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