Living with someone that has arthritis

I know #C has shared her life living with arthritis, but today it’s my turn to say what it’s like for me to be living with someone that has arthritis. 

Firstly I love Candice with all my heart, she is the most amazing woman on earth. But there are some days I wish we could just drop everything and just go where ever we want to, like we use too.

In this past 4 years I have seen her get worse and worse on a daily basis. I can see that it’s frustrating her and I feel helpless. There are days I beg God to transfer her pain she has to me, because I would rather be in pain than see her suffer this way.

There are days I get frustrated when we can’t go out, and I can tell she knows I get frustrated because then she forces herself to go out with me. I then hate myself for putting more pressure on her. 

Living with Someone that has arthritis is not all bad. If anything this has brought myself and Candice closer together. I have become more understanding and so has she. We have learnt to become more patient with each other. I don’t get as frustrated or upset when we can’t do things as I look for other ways for us to have fun. 

So yes it’s hard, and there are times I don’t understand but I would not be anywhere else. 


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