Living with Arthritis

Living with Arthritis

′Disclaimer: This post should start with a disclaimer, Its a life story , a sentimental and emotional one 🙂 


I have never kept my struggle with being a 20 something year old dealing with arthritis a secret cause its nothing for me to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. The past few weeks has been a mentally and physically draining few weeks, those of you who follow us on social media would have seen I was in hospital basically for complications caused by my arthritis.

I have mentioned before how sad I think it is that South Africa, as advanced as we are medically (I mean after all we did do the first heart transplant and now a penis transplant) yet we still do not see Arthritis as a serious issue as other countries do. People aren’t fully aware of how it affects people’s everyday lives and just how much pain and destruction it can cause to your body and my stay in hospital confirmed that.

Government hospital wards are really very intriguing and you meet the most amazing people there.While I was there I had an interesting conversation with a few ladies in the ward. As normal whenever someone new comes in they always ask what you in for ( I always imagine the same conversation taking place in prison lol) and when I mentioned I have arthritis I was asked how? I’m so young. Two women in their 70’s went on to say that “in their day only old people had arthritis”. This comment actually made me rather sad. We are still living in a world where people think only old people can get certain diseases when the truth is that baby’s can be born with things like arthritis, diabetes , cancer ,etc.

If I had to be offered one wish, any wish ( besides wishing I had more wishes lol ) I would wish that South Africa would actually recognise arthritis for the life changing disease that it is. If I look back on how much my life has changed in the pass 4 years since the pain started showing this isn’t something I would wish on anybody. I recently discovered during this past 4 years not once has my white cell count been “normal” meaning that every single day, while i’m trying to live a normal life, my body is trying so hard to fight the inflammation and infection that the arthritis is causing.

What I hope to accomplish by blogging my journey about living with arthritis is that people become more aware of this disease.





4 Comments to “Living with Arthritis”

  1. jodi says:


    Wow, how awesome that I stumbled upon this read.

    Happy to e-meet you; I too am a 20 something year old who suffers from psoriasis arthritis and I just wanted to ‘stem saam’ and say #thestruggleisreal

    4 year journey for me too. Meds everyday to keep the Doctor away… sure you know how it goes :/

    I’ve been told to start writing about it too, share my story.

    I guess I could jump on the bandwagon?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Invisable CT says:

      Nice to e-meet you to Jodi…Oh I know too well of the meds to keep the doc away but if only they worked 🙁 Once you do start writing about it please send me the link. It sometimes help to hear other people’s experiences

  2. Very honest read. Appreciate your genuineness and your courage. Keep it up – you are an inspiration to those who are in the similar situation and can help those of us who do not struggle with arthritis to understand those who do.

    1. Invisable CT says:

      Thanks Beatrice that’s what I hope to achieve

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