Living with Arthritis update

Questions I wish people would stop asking and answers I wish I could give them:

Q)Aren’t you too young to have arthritis?
A)Aren’t you too old too be that stupid

Q)Oh so its only arthritis nothing major?
A) Yip just a minor issue like your face

Q)Do you really need all your medication?
A) No I actually just really like taking them

Seriously these are questions I am asked often the real answers to those questions however are as follows NO arthritis does not come with age babies are born with it. Yes it is major, it changes your life more and more each day in a drastic way your life will never be the same again and lastly I wish I didn’t but honestly with all the pain medication I barely make it through a day so I cant imagine a day without them.

A few months has passed since I did my last post on living with this unnoticed disease .When I was just diagnosed I did alot of research and other countries actually understand the severity of arthritis and how it affects your life where as in South Africa you get told you have it and you need to find a way to deal with it.I thought I would get better at “Dealing with it” as time passed but honestly it gets more difficult. The more time passes the more I can feel it spreading and there is nothing I can do to stop it.I cant do things I want to do and quite frankly I cant do some of the things I NEED to do either. Many people don’t understand that when I say NO I cant go to the movies or I cant meet up with friends its not because I don’t want too it’s because I physically cant.

I have the most understanding husband that puts my well being above everything else in the world but it doesn’t make not being able to do crazy things with him any easier. As much as I try to live my life despite being in pain 24/7 there are things that I know I will never have the opportunity to get to do with him and thinking about that hurts.

The point of this post is not to get people to feel sorry for me its so that more people can be aware of just how badly Arthritis does affect someone’s life.



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