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I asked Little Fighters Cancer trust to send me an application form to become a volunteer a while back and I finally got around to filling it in today. One question immediately caught my attention on this application form “What motivated you to register as a Little Fighters Cancer Trust Volunteer” and I thought I would share this with you maybe inspires or motivates others to do the same.

As I have mentioned before about 2 years ago my family’s life changed forever, the day my mom was diagnosed. Cancer creeps in slowly and changes not only the life of the person who has it but it changes the lives of everyone who loves that person. The sad reality though is that although there is treatment there is no cure for this deadly disease. Sitting at GSH while mom under went chemo and radiation it was really emotionally draining, seeing the little kids coming for treatment really pulls on your heart strings and I would say that was the worse part of the whole process. It’s hard seeing a child suffer that way and I know I did this many times sitting there, I prayed that GOD should rather give it to me than to see a little life affected by it, but if only it was that easy right.

Since then I knew I wanted to give something back and unfortunately in this economy it’s not always possible to give in monetary form. In December 2012 when my mom finished her treatments and was given “clearance” to celebrate I decided to make party packs with a little teddy in each for the Oncology Ward of Red Cross Hospital. It seems silly I know but I figured if it could only make one of those kids smile for even just a minute then I did what I set out to do. Little Fighters Cancer Trust has now given me the opportunity to give something back to these kids or well try too.They different types of Volunteer which can be found here Volunteering.

These kids are fighting the biggest battle there is in life and yet they look at life with so much hope, which makes life’s problems seem trivial.If you can help them out in any way please open your hearts and do so, these kids are our future and some of them comes from far in search of hope in the form of an operation or treatment.

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