Jou Ma Se Comedy Club @joumasecomedyclub

Jou Ma Se Comedy Club @joumasecomedyclub


We have been to Jou Ma Se Comedy Club on more than one occasion, my hubby for their comedy and me for the mouth watering beef short ribs which is well was my all time favorite dish until last night.After a disappointing 40 min wait we received cold tough short ribs and a “Gatsby”with the bottom roll hot and cold top roll.When telling the waiter the food was not up to standard and rather disappointing all he had to say was “can I bring you anything else to drink”.Food looked amazing if only it tasted the way it looked.

The comedy last night was of a very high standard. Host Stuart Taylor had the audience laughing from start to finish,support act CJ Benson really killed it, I have never laughed so much in my life.A very deserving heat 4 winner of the Good Hope FM Laugh Master Stuart Cairns was amazing pitty his set was so short.Headliner Schalk Bezeidenhout really hit it out the park and guest Lazola Gola entertained audience.Some serious talent on stage last night SA Comedy at its best.

“Jou Ma Se Comedy Club Steak Gatsby”

Beef Short Ribs

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