John Newman live in Cape Town

The Amazing John Newman performed live for the first time in Cape Town last night at the Good Hope Centre…

It was the first time in a long time I attended a music concert at The Good Hope Centre and I absolutely loved it.Big thumbs up to 5fm, Virgin Mobile and Webtickets for the most well organized event I have been to in ages.The atmosphere was a relaxed and electrifying one both at the same time.Some of Cape towns best food trucks were there to cater for you food and drink needs the most popular one being hands down The Grubbery Truck with their yummy burgers,hotdogs and fries and also Braziliant Express who has the most delicious coffee ,cappuccino and hot chocolate on offer which was perfect for the chilly night.

Dj Honey B opened with a great variety of music genres who was followed by one of SA’s biggest band ISO who had crowds going totally crazy, and let’s not forget the dancers who had guys mouths hanging open.

I was very impressed that security was on the floor I forcing the rules, asking people who were smoking inside to go out and even security in front of the toilets.Was good to see that security was of importance.

At 9:30 the main act Mr John Newman came on stage and totally rocked The Good Hope Centre he really is one amazingly talented man. From the time he walked on stage till the time he walked off he didn’t stop blowing people away with his amazing sounds.He ended the night with an encore and finished with his most popular hit song “Love me again”.

The one and only problem I had with concert was the fact that the opening act ISO and John Newman’s sets was the same length other than that a truly mind blowing event.


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