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Government Healthcare VS Medical aid/Private Healthcare has been a controversial dispute for a very long time. People see having medical aid as you doing the right thing to “provide” for yourself and family but based on my personal experience I will have to say I don’t see it that way.

Yes there is many many downfalls to our public health system long waits, overcrowding hospitals, some rude staff but it’s forever the downfalls and bad things been highlighted what about the good. Let’s base this post on our experience alone and I hope that with this post I can change just one persons mind about how they look at Government healthcare.

David is on medical aid because he is forced to be, working in the banking industry. The medical aid that covers most banks is Bankmed and the cheapest option for him at the moment which weirdly is the only option that has unlimited doctor visits is the Basic “carecross” and he pays R1600 a month for him alone. To add me to his medical aid will cost him a further R 900 per month. David has had one operation in his life which was his tonsillectomy about 4years ago which was done at Constantiaberg while he was on Bankmed and we were left with bills totaling close to R5000 after his operation which his medical aid does not cover.

Me on the other hand I have had 4 operations -had my tonsils removed twice (yes you are reading right, I’m special lol) and two major surgeries on my ankle one of them being total reconstruction(which saved my ankle from being amputated). The one ankle operation was done at the age of 17 by one of Constantiaberg’s best orthopedic surgeons and where did he do my operation you ask? At Victory hospital, costing my parents R155 from start to finish and as he told us to our face if you had this done in my private practice it would cost you nothing short of R150 000.

Yes I’ll be the first to tell you it can be frustrating waiting long hours to get seen too but in all honesty they are not half as bad as people say they are. For 3 years I was stuck with a pain and they gave me every possible test you could imagine to get answers, yes it was over a long period but they did it. I’ve had MRI’s , CT scans ,Bone density scans I’ve been through it all and the biggest thing I learnt is that government hospitals have doctors that want to help you if you let them.

People complain they had to sit 3 hours waiting at a government hospital but yet they will camp over night in front of a store to get tickets to a artist they want to see? Priorities?

Government hospitals have made that I still have my mother today.Her cancerous lumps was removed at Victoria Hospital followed by Chemo and radiation at Groote Schuur Hospital where she received the most amazing care ever.I have never met nurses more willing to go the extra mile than those of GSH oncology hospital.

Disclaimer: Personal opinion based on first hand experience

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  1. Sharon says:

    Ive had the complete opposite experiance, at 20 weeks of pregnancy I was fully dialated and was told by my gynae that volenteers at a government hospital that if I had gone there they would have aborted my baby, thanks to medical aid I have a healthy baby today. Her birth and hospital cost R600 000 of which I paid R8. Just last week she had a high temperature and had a convulsion- we rushed to Groote Schuur as it was the closest at the time- we got no help- my child was convulsing in my arms infront of the doctors! They didnt help. We drove all the way to City park and immediately was assisted and my child stabilised. Thank God for medical aid! If it was not for it I would not have my beautiful family.

    1. In all honesty there are doctors at government hospitals That aren’t willing to help people and the main reason for that is they are forced to be there doing their residency and then their community service before they are allowed to practice privately. But the point I was trying to bring across with this post is that there are doctors who are there cause they want to genuinely want to help people with the limited resources they have…thanks for sharing your experience

  2. Sharon says:

    They might be ‘forced’ but with a paycheck of R35000 plus they can atleast be professional.

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