Gadget review: The Nintendo Wii #capeblogpost @Blogging_Addict @BlogstofollowSA

Since it’s release in 2006 the Nintendo Wii has been a big hit with the whole family. It was the first console to use motion controls, which took gaming to another level. I have had my Wii for about a year now, with classic games like Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda this gaming console is great. Motion controls makes games like wii sports and wii sports resorts so realistic making it a fun activity for the whole family and allows you to keep fit at the same time.

To unlock the Wii’s true potential, you can softmod it (which isn’t illegal). Once your wii is unlocked you can play backup games, watch DVDs, movies from usbs, and listen to music. You can even use Homebrew browser to browse for apps to enhance the wii.

While many may consider the wii to be outdated, it’s one of the most versatile consoles making it one of the best.

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