Fin  Feather and Fur at the One and Only Cape Town

Fin Feather and Fur at the One and Only Cape Town

For the 5th year running the One and Only Cape Town is hosting a Guest speaker Series from May till October 2015.Listen to some extraordinary people sharing their stories and then end the evening off with a buffet dinner in Reuben’s all for the amazing price of only R295 per person

One and Only Guest Speaker series

Lineup of Speakers still to come

  • 18 June – Colin Bell, tourism doyen and Southern African conservation pioneer
  • 14 July – Braam Malherbe, extreme adventurer (including running the entire length of the Great Wall of China), conservationist, philanthropist and motivational speaker
  • 6 August – Lesley Rochart, acclaimed wildlife documentary maker
  • 10 September – Peter van Kets, trans-Atlantic rower, South Pole expeditionist and motivational speaker
  • 20 October – Chris Bertish, Big Wave rider and international big wave riding record breaker

Last week we were fortunate enough to be invited to experience this wonderful event.The evening started off in the ballroom where we got to hear the amazing Chris Fallows talk about his experiences as a wildlife photographer and behaviorist. We got to hear Chris tell stories about his close encounters with some of the most feared animals as well as misunderstood animals such as wild dogs and great white sharks. The talk was not only educational, it was entertaining as well and we could have honestly gone on listening to Chris tell his amazing tales for hours more.The best part of the evening for us was when Chris showed us a video of his encounter with some sharks and how they tried to figure out what exactly this contraption was that was in their territory.

Chris Fallows is an amazing photographer and his photos speaks for itself. He is one of the most passionate people I have ever come across and you can tell that he really love working with these animals. The one thing that stuck with us most from this talk was when Chris said

” The next time a South Easterly storm is approaching , get out in the storm and see the beauty”

The evening then continued at Reuben’s where guests were treated to a buffet meal which included, Roast beef , lemon and herb chicken drumsticks , chicken and prawn curry , salads and traditional pickled fish only to mention some. Dessert included malva pudding with the most delicious vanilla bean custard, pavlova , chocolate brownie and selection of fresh fruit to name a few. The best part of the meal for us was the desserts (Can you blame us).

One and Only Food


All in all it was an educational and inspiring evening in an amazing venue and definitely something we would encourage people to attend.

Disclaimer: We were invited to this event (complimentary) But all views are our own (top picture taken from website)


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