Evening Wear and clothing in General for plus size women @spreecoza #capeblogpost

The event I was most looking forward to and over the moon about winning tickets too “The Secret Masquerade Ball” has left me tired of search for an appropriate outfit being a plus sized women…

I was lucky enough to win my tickets on Tuesday and yesterday excitedly I went on the journey and search through two different malls to find an appropriate outfit with no luck and today I find myself looking urgently for so done to throw something together…Stores that caters for plus size women don’t do evening wear, not sure why, plus sized women also find themselves needing a little black number for certain events and functions.The sad part is that plus sized women aren’t really catered for in today’s world there is a limited amount of stored offering clothing in plus sizes and if you find something if it’s not totally outdated it costs a arm and a leg.

So about a hour ago I decided to look at online stores and found something on Spree.co.za but delivery won’t be in time for Saturday, although I must admit I went through their plus sized range for the first time and I was impressed I will definitely be using them soon…

Seriously though all I’m asking for is for stores to consider having a wider variety for plus size women to choose from, think my over tiredness and frustration at this point that’s talking either way it’s out there.


Disclaimer: Frustration post of note

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