Cake Decoratoring Feature – Sweetarts

Cake Decoratoring Feature – Sweetarts

Sweetarts is situated in Diep River and is run and owned by Jacki Sands with the help of her 16 year old son Dylan who is one of the most talented up and coming cake decorators I have come across. Sweetarts offers a wide variety of novelty cakes, cake pops, edible cake toppers as well as cake decorating lessons. Jacki kindly agreed to do a little email interview with me. 

16 Year old Dylan’s Gumpaste Dragon


Q) When did you start cake decorating?
My interests in novelty cakes started 16 years ago as a hobby when I fell pregnant with my son Dylan.

Q) Have you studied, if so where?
A) I studied art at Ruth Prowse School of Art – not cake related, but it falls in nicely with the types of cakes I do now.

Q) Have you done any basic course through a fellow baker/decorator please advise what and where?
A) Up to last year I was completely self taught, but then took a couple of lessons with my more experienced friends – Sharon Jackson from Caketopia and Katrien van Zyl of Katrien’s Cakes

Q) Was cake decorating something you always wanted to do?
A) When I fell pregnant I suddenly wanted to bake.

Q) Biggest challenge as a cake decorator?
A) The biggest challenge I would say is providing a quality product satisfactory to the client in today’s competitive climate. There has been a mushrooming of cake decorators due to TV shows about cakes and we are now competing  for the market. The most frustrating thing about this is that the quality of work is far below par.

Q) Any advice for people looking to start doing cake decorating ?
A) Make sure you learn the proper techniques with good teachers. If you are unsure, ask and ask again what the pros think of your work and where you can improve. Join the Cake Decorators Guild. You will learn so much, especially about standards to perform or aspire to.

Golf Cake make by Jacki of Sweetarts

To see more of Sweetarts amazing work check them out


Disclaimer: All Pictures and answers are supplied by Jacki Sands

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