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Being borderline obsessed with all things cake decorating I can surely tell you it is an expensive hobby. The wide variety of tools and gadgets can come at quite a price. This doesn’t have to be the case though after spending thousands getting lost in baking stores with things I “must” have I’ve learnt that the cheaper alternative isn’t always worse. For all you moms out there who loves making your kids birthday cakes yourself and would love to up your game I suggest subscribing to the My Cake Decorating range from DeAgostini for only R39.99 you get a magazine that shows you how to do certain techniques as well as has recipes in and the best part each edition comes with a gift which ranges from piping bag, modelling tools,nozzles, stencils. Buying those tools in a baking shop will cost you way more than buying the book.

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  1. Miss C says:

    I love their cake decorating books and gadgets. They also have books to teach you how to make sweets 🙂

    1. Yes they do Something Sweet is just as amazing I collect that one as well 🙂

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