Cake Decorating Feature – With Love Baking

Cake Decorating Feature – With Love Baking

Our third very talented cake decorator that we are featuring is Charyke van Wyk from With Love Baking. I think the name of her company pretty much sums up why her work is so amazing, its made with love. 


  1. When did you start cake decorating?
    I started decorating cakes in 2010
  2. If you studied where did you study?
    I actually studied Art Directing at CityVarsity (I think the course is now called Motion Picture Make-up and is only a one year course instead of the three years when I attended) and were trained in make-up, special effects, props and prosthetics.

  3.  If you did courses basic course through a fellow baker/decorator (any course not recognised basically)  please advise what and where?
    I did not attend any courses.  I was showed a couple of tricks by my mother who used to do cake decorating many moons ago.  I am using a lot of sculpting skills etc I learned through my studies at the art department, as I feel I’m just working with a different art medium.  The rest is self taught and YouTube has a lot to offer as well.
  4. Was it something you always wanted to do?
    No, it was not something I always wanted to do.  I grew up with a mother who always made us fabulous cakes and I remember each and every single cake that she has made for our family, yet this didn’t trigger me to go into cake decorating. I always knew I wanted to do something creative. Before starting the cake decorating, I’ve worked in the kitchen at a lodge with my husband next to Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania.  You have to think very creatively about things as nothing is readily available. The local people I’ve worked with really inspired me with their creativity and upon traveling back to South Africa I decided I wanted to do something with food.  Once I returned to Stellenbosch I saw an advert for a wedding show, decided to go for it and never looked back.

  5. Biggest challenge as a cake decorator?
    Knowing when to stop “stressing” about the cake.  I think as someone artistic your never feel your work is finished.  (Oh, and I think I should start charging for “Rescue Remedy drops” for deliveries! lol!
  6.  Any advice for people looking to start doing cake decorating ?
    Never be afraid to try something new and never compare yourself to other decorators.  Theodore Roosevelt said: “Comparison is the thief of joy” and this is so true. Have faith in your talent!  We are all at a different point in our decorating journey.  And most important: LOVE what you do! 

You can find With Love Baking on


Disclaimer: All Pictures are supplied by Charyke van Wyk

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  1. Great post – good to read how passionate Charyke is about cake decorating. The cakes look like art pieces – beautiful.

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