Cake Decorating and Baking Segment #capeblogpost

My love for baking and cake decorating started at a very young age. I have the fondest memories of my mother teaching me how to bake as a little girl and up until today we still have those moments.

This segment of the blog took a lot of thought and consideration as this is one of the biggest loves of my life, everything cake decorating and baking related. I think cake decorating is one of those really pricey hobbies as every baking store you walk into has something else you just simply must have lol and that’s one of the main reasons I’m not allowed to go into baking stores alone lol…

I have found a few stores that stock reasonably priced cake decorating goods ,baking supplies and must have gadgets and with this segment I am going to share them with you. As well as amazing recipes, cake decorating courses and highlight some of the amazing bakers and cake decorators around.


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