Brilliant Lash Mascara -Ralo Cosmetics #capeblogpost @Blogging_Addict @BlogstofollowSA @RaloCosmetics

Brilliant Lash Mascara -Ralo Cosmetics #capeblogpost @Blogging_Addict @BlogstofollowSA @RaloCosmetics

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the Brand ambassador’s for Ralo Cosmetics. What that means is I will get one product for the next 3 months to review and each one comes with a different brief. I collected my product for review from the Kenilworth Centre store, no matter when I go into this store the staff are always super helpful and friendly and I must admit I love the music playing in the store it creates the perfect atmosphere.

The product for this month was Brilliant Lash Mascara which at first I thought was going to be abit tricky for me as I never use mascara for the very simple reason being I have very sensitive eyes and most mascara’s make my eyes tear so it really is a mission to get it on and for it to stay on. I never had that problem with the Brilliant Lash Mascara from Ralo Cosmetics, applying it was hassle free and not a single tear is sight and you could notice the difference immediately. It adds volume and creates the illusion of length, it really makes your lashes stand out.

Our brief for this review was to find the perfect partner for the mascara in their store and I went with the Eyeliner Decoration which can be found in their stores. I thought the two went together well and that the Eyeliner Decoration added that little extra bit of bling for the perfect night out.


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