Braaiboy R200 Braai Challenge

Braaiboy R200 Braai Challenge

When Braaiboy announced he was looking for 10 bloggers to partake in a R200 Braai challenge we jumped at the opportunity.Other entries can be found here

What is the Challenge:
Spend only R200 at any Spar and cater a braai for 4 people

Ingredients plus slip Braaiboy R200 Challenge

We got everything we needed for R181.50

Braaiboy R200 Challenge finish meal

Starter – Braai “Pigs in a blanket”

We decided to do a braai twist on a classic starter “pigs in a blanket”

1 x Cape Fruit Sosatie Sausage (we chose this one for the fruit twist in the sausage) R31.75
1 x 10 Mini Brown Cocktail Wraps R11.89
1 x Chedder Cheese R9

Braai Sausage
Grate Cheese and put a thin layer in the centre of the wrap
Add sausage to the centre and roll close using a toothpick to secure
Place on Grill and put on fire till cheese melts

The nice part of the starter its finger food as can be made made in advance before guests arrive
Total Cost –  R52.64

Braaiboy R200 Challenge Starter

Main – Homemade Cheese Burgers on Crispy Seasame seed bun with Garlic Potatoes

This is our braai take on a burger and chips

For the Burger Patty
1 x Lean Beef Mince R33.57
1 x Onion ±R2.50
2 x Medium Cloves of Garlic R5.45 ( For a full bulb)
1 x Large Egg R8.19 (for 6)

Use a Blender and blend together the onion , egg and garlic until onion is fine
Add egg mix to mince and mix till combined
Add Salt and pepper according to personal taste
Let mixture rest in fridge for about 30 minutes for flavours to pull through
Either form by hand or use a burger making kit ( Available at Yuppiechef)
Freeze for an hour or two and then flame grill

Advantage of making your own burgers you can add whatever flavour combinations you choose

Caramelised Onions
2x Medium Onions ±R5.00
1 x Teaspoon Freshly Ground Pepper
1/2 x Teaspoon Salt
3 x Tablespoons Sugar
2 x Tablespoons Vinegar
1 x Teaspoon Oil

Put all ingredients into Cast Iron pot and onto the fire
Stir often and add water when needed
Cook till Golden brown and onions are soft

You are now ready to Assemble your Burgers
Cut Rolls in half and give them a quick toast on fire till golden brown and crispy
Add Cheese slices (R9) to Burger and put back on the grill till cheese melts
Put Burger on the bun and fill with caramelised onions

Garlic Potatoes
1 x 1kg Baby Potatoes R9.99
4 x Cloves Garlic ( Mince 2 Cloves and leave 2 whole)
1/2 x Teaspoon Salt
1 x Teaspoon Butter

Wash potatoes and pierce holes into them with a fork
Place in foil with garlic, salt and butter and wrap tightly
Place on medium heat coals for about 20 -25 minutes till soft

Serve the Burgers with Garlic Potatoes
Total Cost of Main – ±R73.70

Braai R200 Challenge Main


Dessert – Grilled Pineapple on a stick with Chilli Chocolate Drizzle

1 x Medium Pineapple R8.99
1 x Teaspoon Sugar
4x Skewers
2 x Slab Chocolate R20.00 ( Special R20 for 2)
1 x Teaspoon Chili Flakes

Remove Skin of pineapple and cut in quarters
Insert Skewer into the pineapple quarters
Sprinkle sugar over all 4 piece
Flame Grill until caramelised
Melt chocolate and chilli flakes together
Drizzle melted chocolate over pineapple

Perfect Refreshing end to any meal with a bit of a kick
Total Cost – R28.99

Braai R200 Challenge Dessert

We even managed to get some chips as a snack while guests wait on their food

Braaiboy R200 Challenge Snack

 Doritos R20 For 2

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  1. Lizna says:

    Oh wow, everything looks so yum!

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