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I love finding new things to do as a creative release and one of them if making my own jewelry out of beads and chain. I know many people would love this creative outlet but won’t have the time to shop for beads etc. I found the solution to that problem in the form of a little gem called BeadBox and I did a little Q&A with owner Anouschka Venter and this is what went down 🙂

Where did the inspiration for bead box come from?
I started Beadbox as I wanted to do something creative again after having my sons. I didn’t have time to commit to a weekly class, and realised that there must be other women with same issues. A friend of mine makes the most amazing creations out of beads and she showed me a few things, which inspired this journey.

How long has bead box been around for?
The first Beadbox was in May 2014, so this is our 3rd month.

With the wide variety of beads around how is the selection process as to which beads go into the boxes each month work?
I look for inspiration everywhere and pin these onto my Pinterest boards.
Then I decide on what I want to make that month – e.g. necklace or bracelet, and in what style, and colour. This will set the tone for the piece and then I go and see what beads I can find that could work, and that I can get enough of to make up x amount of boxes.I then play around making up something that I’d be proud to wear.

To do what you do you obviously have a love for beads and making things out of them.How long have you been into beading?
Even though I’ve always been creative, I only started beading at the beginning of this year, so it’s still a great learning curve for me – but I love that there’s always something new to learn.

Do you make and sell any of your creations?
Right now I’m focusing on the Beadbox subscription boxes, but I’ll see where this journey takes me.

Pricing for beadbox subscriptions?
1 month subscription is R229. This includes all the beads and findings you’ll need to make your jewellery pieces, as well as on line step-by-step instructions, and delivery by courier (to most areas – post office to outlying areas).We also have 3 month (R672), 6 month R1314) and 12 month (R2517)

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