App review for IMovie

App review for IMovie

My first review for our new home and it’s one of the most user friendly apps out there. Now being a movie buff, especially ACTION Movies, I always thought it was difficult to make and create home movies, professionally looking vlogs and adverts(Used for the Bentley advert).Leave it to the pros I would think to myself.That’s until I came across IMovie.

I would not say I am the best when it comes to doing anything creative, I am a logical guy. But IMovie has so many built in features that even a uncreative guy like myself can feel creative.

The first feature that caught my eye was that you could make a trailer,yes that’s right a trailer. There are many themes to choose from and I personally like the narrative theme and the Bollywood theme.

Trailer themes

Trailer themes

Then we get to the movie themes. Also a great selection of themes which make your creative juices flow, even if you have none like me. I am still working on my first full movie, once I am done it will be posted to our YouTube channel, so watch out!


Another cool feature is that the credits can be easily edited to your own name or your alias whichever you choose. Like i am #D and Candice is #C.


Creating your storyboard is easy as well, as it is all laid out for you to edit it as you go along.


Features of IMovie App:

  • Create Hollywood Style Trailers
  • Create Beautiful HD Movies
  • Browse and share your movies
  • Watch from anywhere with IMovie theatre

Just to name a few.

I have attached below a video trailer I created just to show you how easy it is to use even for an amateur like me.


App available for free download on Iphones and Ipads. Comes Pre-Installed on Macbooks and Imacs.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and based on personal use

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