All about Vlogger ROK LIFE

All about Vlogger ROK LIFE

When we started our monthly photo post series earlier this year we started interacting online with American born vlogger ROK LIFE who is currently living in South Korea. We were immediately drawn to his online personality and style of vlogging, he has a unique presence which is portrayed through his vlogs as well as through his social media pages. He did us the honour of agreeing to do an email interview with him. Here’s a little more about ROK LIFE and the man behind the camera.



  • Who is ROK LIFE? I am Gabriel I am 33 year old American from Louisiana who moved to South Korea.
  • Where does the name ROK LIFE come from? ROK means R-epublic O-f -K-orea, life refers to my life in Korea, I was trying to be clever. When you read it out loud it sounds like rock life.
  • How long have you been Vlogging for? Im still a newbie, I have only been blogging for 10 months
  • Why Vlogging and not Blogging? I’m a very visual person, plus I suck at writing! I will seriously run all my answers through spell-check like 5 times before I give this back to you, I suck and punctuation and grammar.
  • How did you begin vlogging? I started vlogging so my family and friends back home could keep up with what I was doing while I was living abroad.
  • Day Job? I am a Native English Teacher for a private English institute in South Korea.
  • How long have you been staying in South Korea and why did u make the “big move” from America? I have been in Korea for 10  months. Its an unusual and long story,but God called me to move to Korea some 4 years ago, so my move to Korea was a culmination of that journey.
  • What are the biggest challenge being a African American living in South Korea?I have been very fortunate in that I haven’t encountered anything in Korea that I haven’t experienced back in the States. But probably the biggest challenge in Korea is just getting used to people touching me , and the unabashed staring when Im out in public.
  • You recently came to Cape Town what was your first impression? I really liked it, It was different in some respects to what I expected, in that was very western, but I really enjoyed it.
  • What was your biggest highlight while in Cape Town? I got engaged to my amazing girlfriend!, Also Cape Point was pretty amazing, the views were pretty epic.
    Check out one of his Cape Town Vlogs below

  • In your opinion what makes your vlogs different?I think its two major things. One is the music… The music really sets the tone for the vlog so I spend a lot of time researching and picking it out. The second is me and my strange personality.
  • Most important part of vlogging is the equipment , what are you currently using and whats that one item on your wishlist? My equipment is as basic as it comes, I use my smart phone my Iphone 5s. My wish list consists of two cameras the Go Pro Hero4 and a Cannon power shot ELPH 340 HS, Im hoping for at least one of those as a wedding gift. (fingers crossed)
  • Any exciting projects you currently working on ?. My wedding VLOG! And I have something else pretty big in the works
  • If you were given the opportunity to travel to anywhere in the world all expenses paid and create a vlog series there, where would you go and why?That is a tough one,but probably, Buenos Aires, Argentina…. Im a huge soccer fan, and I would love to see some of the stadiums from the 78 World Cup.

We asked him which of his vlog’s was his personal favourite and the one below was his choice and we can see why

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