All about @playitloudcpt in Association with Monster Energy and Jagermeister

We had the opportunity to get an electronic interview with Elvis Javu co owner of ShutterMonkey Productions & Clubbers 4 EDM who gave us the low down on Play It Loud CPT.

“Play It Loud CPT came about one person having a great idea to host an event and coming to his friends for ideas and thoughts about it to actually working with them.That is how PIL came about in a nutshell”-Elvis

The venue was decided on based on a very good working relationship with the owners and honestly The Hillside Quarry was ideal it matched the vibe of the event perfectly.

When asked about the line up choices this is what Elvis had to say “You know choosing DJ’s to play at our event must have been the hardest thing we had to do then came the DJ competition. Luckily we did not have to choose a winner there.With the line up we knew who we wanted as Headliner right from the word go. We all knew we wanted Grimehouse as headliner. We then played around with a couple of guys to decide who will be another headliner. The name Das Kapital rolled out our mouth and that was set. Grimehouse and Das Kapital would be headliners. We went back and forth for the supporting acts, so we worked backwards. We went who will close with a killer set that will make people wish the show would go on, that’s where Phaze fell in. After all the names fell in place according to what they play or could play.We didn’t want a straight 12 hour event with just DJ’s so we wanted something different and what’s more different than a rap artist and a DJ? That’s where Sedge Warbler fell in and they had to be our THIRD Headline. Personally when you choose a line up you need to know who can play what and that will help you decide what time they can play.”

Elvis on their sponsors “We are truly grateful for Monster and Jagermeister for getting involved with us, we know it was such a huge risk for them to join up with newbees in the event scene but they did none the less. Also at the time we approached them was not of good time as it was end of business year. So massive APPRECIATION to both brands for joining the Play It Loud CPT train”

We asked if we can expect a Play It Loud CPT 2 in the near future and all we can say is keep your eyes peeled on their twitter account, so if you are already following them on twitter do so now.

For more info on upcoming events:

ShutterMonkey Productions:

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