Air Supply

Growing up in a home where music was a big part of our lives radio permanently on, listening to dad’s old school LP’s and attending many Cape Town variety shows I jumped at the opportunity to attend these legends live performance.

Air Supply returned to Cape Town after 7 years thanks to KYKNET and Bok Radio. The show took place at GrandWest Grand arena and although the turn out was not great this definitely didn’t put a dampener on the energy levels of this event.The opening act was Ricus Nel who serenaded crowds with his soothing ballads and even surprised crowds with 2english country type ballads.After a 30 min wait and the crowd starting to get abit agitated about the wait between acts without a MC or someone saying what’s happening Air Supply took the stage and the wait was forgotten.

They had audience singing, dancing and swaying along from their first song too the last.They did a wide variety of their music and even sang a brand new unreleased song called “We are here”.Next year this dynamo duo will be performing together for 40 incredible years and they haven’t stopped making incredible music.While doing one of there slower songs they both walked between the crowds and were hugging and shaking hands with people in the crowd.To see artists that humble was a refreshing sight.

In all honesty the concert wasn’t without hiccups but then again is any event really.In my opinion Air Supply is really one of the most purist forms of music these guys know how to really sing and perform without all the gimmicks we see today.

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